Ferrari driving

Your Ferrari driving experience will begin just in front of your hotel or villa. Following a first introduction and familiarization of Italian road rules, you will be ready to get behind the wheel of a stunning F360 Modena Ferrari. You can opt to drive by yourself, have a driver or just a co-driver, who can [...]

Carriage tours

Like in an old movie, a carriage ride in the small alleys, in open countryside or on the shores of the lake will add a romantic a touch of extravagance to your memorable holiday.

Horseback riding

For the rural nature of the Umbrian territories, the equestrian culture in Umbria represents a deep-rooted tradition, which saw in the recent past horse always present in the daily live activities Accompanied by a beautiful animal, discovering paths that are unique and full of emotions, it will be possible to look Umbria from a different [...]

Adventure trail

An adventure trail with passages among nut trees, a funny cable car of 20 meters, a Tibetan bridge and much more. The experience is worth trying! First, you have to wear safety harnesses, with helmet and gloves. The nature adventure trail consists of a series of activities all aimed at fun. A special way for [...]

Hiking with donkey

The donkey is a great educator and a intermediary between people and environment. First, the donkey is cute and brings joy to anyone who looks at him or anyone who approaches him. It doesn’t judge, doesn’t comment, doesn’t wear trendy clothes, no airs and graces, it is humble and friendly, but independent and strong. For [...]

Mountain bikes

For those who want to practice mountain biking, we can offer the rental service and the company of our expert guides. It deals with extremely suggestive and easy itineraries passing through a constantly changing landscape, from hills to mountains, from rivers to lakes. We promise you will cycle through beautiful and unforgettable scenery and unique [...]


The walkers and hikers will find in Umbria the ideal area to express their passion. Umbria is a region full of itinerary suitable for all ages: from amateurs to the most intransigent hikers here it's possible to enjoy the pleasure of a walk in the open air, in unspoilt nature and gorgeous views of the [...]

Hot air balloon

It would be difficult to find anywhere in the world a more enchanting ballooning location! A sightseeing tour in a hot air balloon is a unique experience both for the charm of the lightness of the flight in a balloon and the exclusive discovery of the most picturesque sceneries of Umbria.


Have you ever tried the thrill of flying in the air with a hang glider or a paraglider? The unique feeling that you feel is so addictive as to be difficult to tell. In Castelluccio di Norcia the free flight is for everyone: even for those who do not have the slightest knowledge of hang [...]


Hydrospeed is a new discipline that will excite you! You will be on board a kind of snow bob, specifically designed to descent of the river and using fins as the “engine”, you will have lot of fun completely immersed in water. Even if movements in hydrospeed turn out to be quite unnatural for the [...]