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The Best of Umbria in 10 Days

The following itinerary has been developed for those travelers looking for an all-inclusive vacation. You can book it as we suggest or ask for any modification that you wish. This is your special vacation, so only you can decide if it matches your dream vacation! 1st day2nd day3rd day4th day5th day6th day7th day8th day9th day10th [...]

Umbria ‘ narrated’ and “of the good taste”

The Umbria of this itinerary has been narrated by many Italian and foreigns writers and poets. It has been portrayed by Medieval and Reinassence painters, thanks to the beauty of its villages and towns such as Montefalco, Spoleto and Norcia and of the landscape offered by Fonti del Clitunno, Valnerina, Parco dei Monti Sibillini and [...]

On the marks of umbrian saints

Probably will be its position in the middle of peninsula that encloses and protects it, or will be the open space position or the hills that make it exclusive, but Umbria is perfect for spending relaxing and peaceful times. If you’re looking for a silence fugue, here you can find it. It’s the ‘land of [...]

Mirrors of water

Even if Umbria is not washed by the sea, this region is full of water: just a piece of information, the majority of mineral water bottled in Italy, comes from this region! The water in Umbria has been celebrated in art, in the realization of wonderful aqueducts and fountains that decorate the cities; it fascinated [...]

Walking across Umbria

An itinerary to do on foot, suitable for everyone, that leads in the heart of the region to appreciate its naturalistic beauty. Go slowly, cheerfully and discover once again the pleasure of the movement without hurry and noise except that one generously offered by nature. GubbioValfabbrica - AssisiSpelloSant'Anatolia di Narco - SpoletoCastelluccio di Norcia Gubbio is [...]

Trotting around Trasimeno lake

Trasimeno Lake, the fourth biggest lake in Italy, is choosen by many birds species as a place to stop for getting through winter or just as a place to rest during the seasonal migration. This little stretch of water represents one of the healthier humid zone of Europe and offers many unique view perspectives. A [...]

Perugia between tradition and curiosity

Perugia is a very lively city, always young thanks to the costant presence of many Italian and foreign students. This city if full of things to do and to see. What we are offering now is a sample of what we like of Perugia: loyal to its past, unusual and curious and…very sweet! Strolling through [...]

The Colours of ‘Umbrian’ Pottery

The pottery owns to historical-artistic tradition of Umbria. Since ancient times it decorated houses and was the expression of social distinction: sophistication and refinement of the ornament or simplicity and essentiality of the less wealthy classes. Each place in Umbria had, and has still today, a peculiar pattern and colours! Deruta: orange, yellow and blue.Gubbio [...]