Palazzo Leti

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The splendid residence of the noble Leti, located in the historic center of Spoleto. dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth 1500.Nel small building was expanded with the construction of the north wing and the beautiful garden which includes the two neoclassical facades. In these two sides you can still admire the architectural features of the time: what, pilasters, entablatures, bases and capitals that give balance to the whole architecture. In the north wing of the garden fountain very important with a nymph.

The recent restoration has revealed an architectural heritage, environmental and historical important not to mention a garden that has been restored in the classic-style “Italian garden”. E ‘remarkable for the container that contains many types of marble from different eras Sansi Including a coat of arms. From the garden you can admire the beautiful view of Monteluco and some of the most important monuments of Spoleto Including the Rocca Albornoz, and St. Peter’s Church.

The historical Residence consists of 12 rooms, all decorated with warm fabrics and soft colors of organza. Each room, with its unique architecture, color and decor is reminiscent of a room of the past, however, equipped with modern comforts; soundproofing, safe, mini bar, air conditioning, satellite TV, free internet access .. All rooms have views of the sacred mountain of the Spoleto valley “Monteluco” which evokes the peace and harmony of the hermits.

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